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  • Sharebox project partners and the city of Nules promote industrial cooperation

    Sharebox project partners and the city of Nules promote industrial cooperation

    Keros Cerámica S.L hosted a meeting on April 21st, 2016 in the framework of European project SHAREBOX. This work session was aimed at discussing ways to enhance the cooperation between the companies of La Mina industrial park in Nules (Spain) in order to reach more sustainable manufacturing processes through an optimization of water use, energy […]

  • Industry is turning four!

    Industry is turning four!

    Led by an ever-increasing pace of information technologies-driven transformations, industries are forced to continuously adapt and reinvent themselves and their processes to remain competitive. This recent raise of digital transformation of the industrial sector is more and more referred to as the Industry 4.0. This term refers to the fourth industrial revolution based on cyber-physical […]

  • [:en]How to turn your company’s waste into profit[:]

    [:en]The project coordinator, Pau Puigdollers, published an article on PULSE platform about Sharebox project. Click here to read the article. [:]

  • [:en]Paving the way forward for next generation industrial symbiosis[:]

    [:en] SHAREBOX project starts with a KO session at IRIS facilities In order to migrate to the energy and resource efficient zero-waste process industry of the future, the SPIRE work programme calls for“solutions for more efficient processing and energy systems for the process industry, including industrial symbiosis”. SHAREBOX, a new research project coordinated by IRIS […]